Workplace Counselling Programs

Can our workplace counselling programs help you?

Our workplace counselling programs can benefit employers and employees by facilitating better communication, reducing stress and contributing to a more satisfying workplace. Our experienced therapists can develop and deliver counselling workshops, programs and conferences tailored to your specific needs. We are flexible. Our counselling services can be delivered in a variety of ways such as half-day and full-day workshops or 50-minute sessions which reduce time away from work. We can also deliver at a location of your choice or in a more intensive time-away conference. Following, are examples of workshops we can put together to deliver a program to meet the unique needs of your workplace.

Teamwork: Making the Dream Work

We all know when an engine is running smoothly, and when it’s time to see a mechanic. Well, it’s the same when you are part of a team and the cogs just don’t seem to be connecting properly.

It’s perfectly normal to hit some bumps in the road. Therefore, that is why our workplace counselling program around teamwork will help to even out the surface and work together to reach maximum potential.

Communication: The Language of Leadership

Does it sometimes feel like there’s a disconnect in the interchange of information within your organisation? It might be time to get everybody on the same page. Research shows that effective communication in organisations leads to increased performance, greater productivity and a stronger morale. In addition, effective communication can produce a healthier work environment overall and a higher chance of repeat business.

This workplace counselling program on communication will provide you with all the essentials to ensure your business can unlock the secrets to overcoming communication challenges.

Conflict is Inevitable: War is a Choice

participants shaking hands and agreeing to resolve conflict.

It’s exhausting and unproductive when you feel like you need to wear armour to work. Similarly, it can make even the smallest inconvenience feel like a war zone explosion! Sometimes, when the tension is high, taking a deep breath doesn’t seem to help generate a sense of calm.

Dear Stress, Let’s Break Up!

Employee who would beneift from workplace counselling for reducing stress

Smothering, possessive, and overwhelming; stress has a way of making us feel trapped in a cycle of high tension. In turn, this can lead to low productivity which is not good for your business. Therefore, it’s time to re-focus, re-energise, and take back your sense of control in the situation.

This workplace counselling program focusing on stress. We provide practical strategies to remove unnecessary pressure. So let’s get the workplace environment back to cool, calm, and collected.

Workplace Counselling Conferences

We design and deliver an agenda of workshops and activities to meet the particular needs of your workplace.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our senior staff. We will discuss how we can work with you to enhance your workplace efficiency and communications.